MGF and MGTF Services in Sussex and Kent

General Repairs and Services for MGF and MGTF

We carry out all general repairs and maintenance of MGF and MGTF cars.

Our servicing includes an inspection and report on any existing faults and potential future faults. This allows for forward planning and simple fixing before faults become major costly failures. We find this is a cost effective approach and helps to keep your MG reliable.

We can also offer bodywork repairs for accident damage or rust problems on both bodywork and subframes.


MGF/TF Suspension Upgrades

The ride of the MGTF can be a bit hard for everyday driving. We regularly fit alternative shock absorbers that retain the cars sporty feel and great handling, but greatly improve comfort and ride quality. 

Another improvement we make is to replace the standard suspension bushes with Polybushes. The slightly stiffer polybushes improve the cars handling and do not deteriorate like the rubber originals. We do not use polybushes on all parts of the suspension, however, as we have found they will make the ride too hard and increase noise and vibration.

MGF/TF Stainless Steel Coolant Pipes 

MGF stainless steel coolant pipesThe main coolant pipes run under the car from the radiator at the front to the engine. The original steel pipes will over time rust and start to leak (see headgasket failure right). 

We recommend replacement with stainless pipes which will last much longer, seen here next to rusted original fittings.

EMGC's own MGF

Head Gasket Failure 

Head gaskets failures are a know fault on the MGF and MGTF and indeed any car with a K Series engine. Employing some preventive measures and with regular servicing the likelyhood can be reduced or rectified before it causes unnecessary engine damage.

Emulsified oil in a MGF engine

Coolant Level and Upgrades

Coolant level is a major cause of head gasket failure. A drop in coolant level can be the result of the poor condition and failure of cooling hoses or the main cooling pipes. We regularly replace the main cooling pipes with stainless steel upgrades. We also offer upgrades to the thermostat, radiator, pressure cap and cooling fan. It is very important that you keep a check on coolant levels.

Emulsification of the oil (when water mixes with the oil to look like the above) is not always as a result of headgasket failure. If you suspect you may have emulsifying of your oil call the garage now on 01825 762040 and Graham will talk you through the actions you should take. Dealing with emulsification quickly is essential.

New MGF head gasket

Upgraded Head Gaskets

We fit an improved gasket along with lower oil rail conversion and have a different procedure and specification for head tightening. When comparing costs for head gasket replacement make sure your garage is not reusing cylinder head bolts or refitting cam belts. These are items that should not be reused and could fail in the future, potentially causing damage to your engine.

At EMGC we believe the F/TF gets a bit of unfair criticism. The preventive measures above can help to avoid the problem while a failure itself can be no more costly than the owners of classic MG spend on keeping their cars on the road.

Rebuilding a MGF K-Series engine