In the Workshop

EMGC are associated with MG cars, but have vast experience and regularly work on all types of classic cars from our modern workshop facilities in Uckfield, East Sussex.

Here you can read about a selection of the cars that have been through our workshop recently that we think you will find interesting. A lot of cars come to us for minor repairs, but these were with us for more major work.

Wooden MGA dashboard

1953 Ford Prefect

Work Carried Out
The Prefect came to EMGC with a very smokey engine. The engine was compression tested before being removed and dismantled. A bodged cylinder head bolt was drilled out and rethreaded and machining work carried out on the block camshaft and crankshaft. New pistons, valves, flywheel ring gear and various other components were sauced and the engine rebuilt and installed. A electric fuel pump has been fitted to help with more efficient starting (doesn't have to keep turning over while the mechanical pump delivers fuel), which is a common problem on cars running six volt electrics.

The car is annually checked maintained and prepared for it's MOT.

Ford Prefect E493A

Jaguar E-Type

Work Carried Out

Having been standing in storage for ten years, the E-Type was brought to EMGC to get it running again and it preparing for use on the road. The first job was the sort out the fuel system.

The fuel tank was removed and cleaned out of old fuel and dirt. The carburettors were also removed, striped and overhauled. The fuel pump and all fuel lines were replaced.

The cooling system was next to be overhauled. The radiator was re-cored and an up-rated electric cooling fan with all new electrics, relays and a manual override. The thermostat, hoses and static cooling pipes were all replaced. Evans waterless coolant was used for its superior cooling performance.

The braking system, front suspension and the steering were all striped, inspected and rebuilt with new parts where required.

The E-Types bonnet was also in need of some attention and it was removed, stripped, repaired and repainted before refitting.

The final step on its journal back to the road was a full service and MOT.

E Type Jaguar Badge

E Type Jaguar Wheel


MGC Roadster

MGC Roadster

Work Carried Out

This beautiful MGC Roadster is another car regularly maintained at EMGC. Recently we have made some upgrades and modifications including the installation of a limited slip differential. Up-rated front brakes were fitted including braided hoses.

The cooling system has been completely overhauled and modified with the fitting of an up-rated alloy radiator. An electric cooling fan has been fitted to include a manual over-ride switch. Evans waterless coolant was used for its superior cooling performance.

The front and rear brakes were also overhauled and suspension work included re-bushing of the rear and kingpin replacement on the front.

The steering rack was stripped and rebuilt into a high ratio specification.

To finish the car was given a full service, set-up and tuned. An MOT test carried out.

Triumph TR5

Work Carried Out

Another regular to our garage for routine maintenance is this Triumph TR5. Some jobs completed were to the rear suspension. The suspension was overhauled, fitting new trailing arms and restoring a telescopic shock-absorber conversion back to the original lever arm shock-absorbers.

While rebuilding the distributor we completed a popular electronic ignition conversion; this helps with improved running and reliability. Faults on the Triumph’s overdrive and fuel injection systems were both found and fixed.

The front suspension and steering were both striped, overhauled and warn parts and bushed replaced. Unreliable windscreen wipers were fixed by overhauling the wiper motor and the drive system to the blades.

A nice new stainless steel exhaust system was fitted. The TR5 also comes to us for servicing and MOTs.

Triumph TR5 repairs in Sussex

MGA Roadster maintenance in East Sussex

MGA Roadster

Work Carried Out

The MGA Roadster came to us with rear axle problems. The axle was rebuilt using a new crown wheel and pinion; we also installed a Quaife limited slip differential (LCD) to improve grip and handling.

Front and rear braking systems were overhauled, as was the steering. The final step was to give the car a full service and MOT.